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What is the Henry Cavill Workout?

The Henry Cavill Workout has been receiving a ton of buzz lately. Why? Well, first of all, the training has delivered some spectacular results. He was able to get down to 6% body fat and his washboard abs in Immortals are making all the girls- and not just the British ones- go wild… while making all the guys envious!

However, the British actor Henry Cavill, his personal trainer and others working with him are all keeping their lips sealed. No one working in his movies really wants to reveal the exact Henry Cavill Workout. But after a lot of research, I’ve pretty much figured it out. I’ll reveal it in a bit but first, check out Henry Cavill’s abs!

Looks like “The Situation” has some serious competition! His abs are among the best I’ve ever seen. Personally I’m pretty envious. And I’m sure all guys who tried before to get in shape but failed can relate (myself included). Later, I’ll talk about a great resource.

The Henry Cavill Workout Exposed

Dirty Secret 1: The “Henry Cavill Workout” is just the 300 Workout

While no one’s talking about what Henry is doing specifically, it’s obvious that he was doing circuit training for Immortals. How do I know this? Henry is working with the producers of the movie, 300. In particular, he’s training with Mark Twight, who is trained all the guys in 300 using intense circuit training.

Notice the similarity in the body types (as well as the movies themselves!)?

The Henry Cavill Workout for Immortals is probably the 300 Workout AKA the Spartan workout.

This is probably the most brutal, intense and unsustainable workout program EVER.

I don’t know ANYONE who tried this workout and stuck all the way through with it and you’ll understand why when you see the exercises.

Can You See Results With The Henry Cavill Workout?

If you read the report above, you’ll notice that it doesn’t really require any special workout equipment, so anyone can do it. However, this next part might disappoint you: you shouldn’t try it.

Dirty Secret 2: Anyone can do the Henry Cavill Workout, but it’s not recommended!

Maybe you want to look like Henry Cavill in Immortals, Brad Pitt in Fight Club or a Spartan from 300. The ugly truth is… celebrity workouts are OVERRATED. This is because celebrities either take growth hormones or have to train hours and hours each day. Henry was pretty training much NON STOP for months to get in shape.

If you’re a regular guy like me, you probably don’t have time to be training 24/7. Does this mean you’ll never be able to develop that rock solid, ripped body hot girls go crazy for and other guys respect? Of course not! You just have to be smarter with how you train.

Dirty Secret 3. You can get the same EXACT results with a less time consuming workout plan

Instead of following the Henry Cavill Workout to the letter, it’s a much better idea to go with a proven muscle building/fat loss program that guys with busier schedules can follow. There are workout programs that make you look like a steroid addict bodybuilder, and others that give you the lean, muscular body that girls dig.